Thirsty Thursdays @3PM EST

Thirsty Thursdays @3PM EST Updates for 2024! Happy New Year & Thank you All!

December 31, 2023 Season 1 Episode 52
Thirsty Thursdays @3PM EST Updates for 2024! Happy New Year & Thank you All!
Thirsty Thursdays @3PM EST
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Happy Holidays & Find out All the Updates for Thirsty Thursdays in 2024! Thank you all for making 2023 an amazing year!

Lots of great updates to look forward to in 2024!

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Hello, Thursday. There's this community. I cannot believe it is almost exactly a year since Thursday. Thursday at 3 p.m. Eastern Standard Time was created. I committed to have an episode each week and this is my 52nd episode. I know it's not an interview, but I wanted to take time to thank each and every one of you involved with the podcast.

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This project was created and launched very quickly and has completely turned into an entire entity on its own.

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It has been my greatest contribution to our industry and it is all because of the amazing movers and shakers that took time out of their busy lives to spend with me. I am beyond honored, as many things do. Thursday. Thursday is going to evolve a little bit next year.

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I am going to start the first 20 to 30 minutes talking only about the brand and the tasting. If we end up having one, the remaining time will be spent on the journey as people have more time to listen. I will only be releasing a full

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podcast every other week. I know some of you are disappointed.

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I cannot release your story earlier, but I'm a one person organization. I just cannot manage it as I'm launching new business ventures in early 2024 and I cannot wait to talk about them with you all. I will, however, still be posting various content every week.

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It will vary between a few different segments I'm very excited to talk about. One will be I currently still have many, many, many, many, many podcasts from last year that need to be posted on YouTube. So look forward to that. Also, we have a new segment called Thursday, Thursday's Happy Hour,

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every third Thursday.

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co-hosting with Sam Anderson, and we will have different topics from different people and experts.

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Each month I'm super excited about it and we're hoping to go live, so it'll be a live happy hour. So any of you can join in with us and ask any questions or

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your knowledge with us.

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For example, we just did one with Heather Ransom, and we talked about low and No.

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In January we'll have Andrew Nelson talk about orange wine.

00:02:27:16 - 00:02:32:03
How he wants Bonny Doon to be the standard for orange wine. And we're going to

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offer other experts to join us. So we're super pumped about that.

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Something else I'm super excited about is I want to be the place where each brand comes to launch their brand or line extension.

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It's a 10 to 15 minute segment and that's it. It's up to you if you want to do a tasting or not. But I want you to come here so that the world knows that when there's an innovative item coming out, you come here first, because that will be so much fun.

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Thursday, Thursdays, we'll have five main segments in 2020 for beverage,

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food, food and beverage tech, which I already launched last year, a product launch or extension. And now a happy hour.

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And for the food segment, I'm excited to interview my first client, Max Crawford of Max Mix. I can't wait for you all to meet him. Another promise I made throughout 2023 on the various interviews was to dedicate this year to the heartbeat and soul of our industry, which is the bartenders and mixologists that make all our experiences that much better.

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Each time we go into a restaurant. They amaze me and I'm completely mesmerized by their endless talent.

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have had so much fun learning more about their process and even had the opportunity to mix drinks with Tony Abu again. And it was just so cool.

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and he also sent me his modern mixology bartending tools. And

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They make making cocktails at home a whole new experience.

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It is so much fun

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for this incredible journey to continue. I am relying on my Thursday Thurs community and your friends and family to spread the word and subscribe and rate on your podcast source of choice and to please subscribe to the YouTube channel at Thursday Thursdays 3 p.m. EST I will be placing shorts and short ad reels of your podcast and much more content as I can.

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Each of your podcasts are also organized by topic, so if you want to see what is of interest for you, it'll be there when you're ready.

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I've never been more excited and more optimistic about our industry outlook as I am in 2024. Nor have I ever been in a place in my career where I can represent and facilitate growth for segments that I believe are here to stay and will explode in 2024 and beyond. Happy New Year, everybody. Piece of.

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Tune in next Thursday and have a great week.

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